The Loney Financial Team 

Daniel C. Loney - President

The Businessman
In the financial industry for four decades specializing in Investment and Estate Planning. In 2010 Dan was awarded the inaugural Leadership of Excellence award from Manulife Financial. Dan has also owned hockey rinks, restaurants, fitness equipment stores, a Jr. A Hockey team, and a Crossfit Club.

The Speaker
Dan’s education includes graduation from the Arrow School of Leadership in 2011 and he speaks internationally to numerous organizations on leadership and current financial events. He is an advocate for Child Adoption and has spoken about this at the Canadian Parliament.

The Consultant
Dan consults for various businesses and individuals and is known for accelerating progress on strategic initiatives and generating outstanding results.  

The Board Member
Dan has served on several boards including The Manulife Bank Advisory Board, The IDC Worldsource Advisory Board, the Vice President of Langley Community Services, the Chairman of the Board for Focus on the Family Canada and International Christian Relief.

The Life Long Athlete
Dan has championships in Pole Vaulting, Kickboxing, Powerlifting and has played in 15 international hockey matches including 4 pro games in Germany at the age of 42. He currently enjoys recreational men’s hockey, golf and is an avid cross-fitter.

The Servant
In 2005, Dan took a business trip to Guatemala that proved to be life-changing. It was there that he met retired school teacher Carroll Bishop and worked alongside her to rescue homeless orphans in Guatemala. Starting with one building in 2006, The James Project now houses 100 children in 9 homes. 4000 meals are served each month from the James Project efforts and a school for 200 children has been built on the 15-acre project. Over 200 Canadians have come to visit the project in Guatemala with Dan.

The Family Man
Dan and his sweetheart, Joy, have been married for over 40 years. They have birthed, adopted, and fostered over 40 children.

Jack Shaffer  - Insurance Specialist

"A master of his craft!"  "A legend in the industry!"  "The best of the best!"   

That's how Jack Shaffer's industry peers describe him and why we're so pleased to have him on the Loney Financial Team. 

Jack is an advanced case strategist who specializes in estate and insurance planning with over fifty years experience in the industry.    Whether you're mapping out a complex family estate, need a buy-sell agreement and insurance to protect your business, or just want to place standard Life, Critical Illness, or Disability insurance, you're in great hands working with Jack. 


E-mail: [email protected]

Sean Loney - Advisor

For thirty years, Sean has watched his father Dan build the Loney Financial Corporation with admiration. In 2022 Sean joined the Loney Financial advisory team with a burning desire to master the craft and follow in his father's footsteps.  He is a creative strategist and collaborator on a mission to provide exceptional service and consulting to every client. 

Beyond his professional pursuits, Sean has a rich personal life where his loving wife, son, and three daughters are his pride and joy.  He's a passionate advocate for youth in need and is committed to the Loney family's work helping at risk women and children in Guatemala. 


Office: 604-534-6003 

E-mail: [email protected]

Denise Bailey

Client Services Coordinator

Denise is known for in-depth knowledge of financial administration through her 40 years of experience in the financial services industry with two major international companies.

Office: 604 534-6003

E-mail:¬†[email protected]


Carling Hinkelman

Financial Coordinator

Carling has been our master bookkeeper and accountant for the past 17 years!  She's a loving mother and wife who holds the distinction of scoring 103% on her accounting final exams.  

Office: 604 534-6003

E-mail:¬†[email protected]


Alysha Smith 

Executive Assistant

After taking some time off from the industry to raise her children, she has brought her 17+ years of organizational skills to streamline the processes of the team.

Office: 604 534-6003

Email:¬†[email protected]